Network Events

Network Final Meeting

Our final progress meeting and showcase of the network is to be held in Utrecht from the 27th-29th September 2022.

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European Researchers Night

ESRs Emiliano and Endre participated in the European Researchers' Night 2021.

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Science & Industry Workshop

A Science and Industry Workshop combined with the 2nd Annual Progress Meeting of the network took place from the 27th-30th September 2021. This was hosted by Mike Toscano and his team at the Aviforum (University of Bern).

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European Researchers' Night

Members from the ChickenStress network at University of Lleida and IRB Lleida participated in the European Researchers' Night on the 27th November 2020.

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Annual Progress Meeting

Genomics & Bioinformatics Workshop (24th-25th August 2020) combined with the first Annual Progress Meeting (26th-27th August 2020)successfully took place virtually in Teams.

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Inaugural Training School

ChickenStress Virtual Training School Monday 30th March - Wednesday 1st April 2020.

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