Open Access of ChickenStress Publications

All peer-reviewed scientific publications generated from the results of the ChickenStress network are free to review by using the link below to our chosen repository Zenodo.

Here are the direct links to our network publications;

Work Package 4 - Development, anatomy and function of the brain network that regulates the stress response

Frontiers | Developmental-Based Classification of Enkephalin and Somatostatin Containing Neurons of the Chicken Central Extended Amygdala | Physiology (

Telencephalic regulation of the HPA axis in birds - ScienceDirect


Work Package 5 - Genetic effects on stress responsivity

Frontiers | Distinct Subdivisions in the Transition Between Telencephalon and Hypothalamus Produce Otp and Sim1 Cells for the Extended Amygdala in Sauropsids | Frontiers in Neuroanatomy

Predicting hatchability of layer breeders and identifying effects of animal related and environmental factors - ScienceDirect

Practical application of a Bayesian network approach to poultry epigenetics and stress

A Bayesian network structure learning approach to identify genes associated with stress in spleens of chickens

Genetics of rearing success in four pure laying hen lines during the first 17 weeks of age | Zenodo

A two-step Bayesian network approach to identify key SNPs associated to multiple phenotypic traits in four purebred laying hen lines


Work Package 6 - Early-life effects on stress responsivity

Early life environment and adult enrichment: effects on fearfulness in laying hens - ScienceDirect

Effects of on-farm hatching on short term stress indicators, weight gain, and cognitive ability in layer chicks | Zenodo

Effects of the rearing environment complexity on laying hens' spatial cognition: A holeboard test approach | Zenodo


Work Package 7 - Investigating the responses of hens to different rearing and housing conditions

The Effects of Mild Disturbances on Sleep Behaviour in Laying Hens