Project Supervisors

Loreta Medina


Loreta Medina is a Professor of Anatomy and Embryology at the University of Lleida (UdL), in Spain, and is Head of the laboratory of Evolutionary and Developmental Neurobiology at the UdL & IRBLleida. Previously, she occupied a Tenure Associate Professor position at the Universidad de Murcia (Spain) for ten years, and worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Tennessee at Memphis (USA) for five years.  Her specialization in the avian and reptilian brains led her to actively participate as Think-tank member in the Avian Brain Nomenclature Forum (USA, 2002), and in the proposal of a new terminology now widely adopted by avian neuroscientists. Using an evolutionary and developmental neurobiology approach, Medina's group identified the same subdivisions and neuron subtypes in the amygdala of mouse and chicken. Now they are trying to disentangle the functional networks in which the amygdala is involved at molecular, cellular, and circuit levels, in order to better understand the multifaceted neural regulation of emotions and sociality.

Loreta has responsibility for leading Work Package 4 and is project supervisor for Project 1: Connections and stress-related activity of different neuron subpopulations of the central extended amygdala and Project 5: Genetic and stress effects on the genoarchitecture and transcriptomics of the central extended amygdala.