Project Supervisors

Bram Visser

Bram Visser is the Digital Phenotyping Team Lead at Hendrix Genetics, a multi-species animal breeding, genetics and technology company. Bram obtained his MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Eindhoven University of Technology. He then moved to New Zealand and got exposed to biology, genetics and animal breeding at AbacusBio, an agribusiness consulting company based in Dunedin. As a data scientist and quantitative geneticist, he focused on implementation of research for the primary industries and on the application of precision agriculture in extensive systems. He was at the forefront of introducing NZ sheep farmers to unmanned aerial vehicles and computer vision solutions. When he moved back to the Netherlands he joined the R&D department of Hendrix Genetics where Bram and his team are bringing sensor and computer vision technologies to the farm. They interpret raw data to provide new and better insights on animal behaviour and performance. This allows Hendrix Genetics to make better breeding decisions, to further improve animal welfare and ultimately to make animal protein production more sustainable. 

Bram is leading Work Package 5 and Project 3: Predicting stress sensitivity of laying hens by identifying genetic, incubation and rearing factors.