Project Supervisors

Anne Smith

V Anne Smith is on the Biology faculty at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, where she runs an integrative computational biology research programme. She traces her dual interest in biology and computation back to her undergraduate days, with a degree in Biology with a Mathematics minor from the College of William and Mary in Virginia. Her PhD work at Indiana University applied complex systems analyses to bird behaviour. She has since researched areas as diverse as neuroscience, genetics, cancer and ecology. Much of her current work concentrates on the problem of ‘network inference’, the discovery of network structure from observational data. She was on the forefront of application of Bayesian networks for inferring gene regulatory networks, and pioneered Bayesian networks to infer neural information flow networks and ecological interaction networks. She is active on decision-making bodies for several Scottish and UK organisations in both biology and computer science.

Anne is scientist in charge of Project 4: Bioinformatic analyses of stress-related genetic data in chickens.