Early Stage Researchers (ESRs)

Maëva Manet (ESR 6)

Project 6: Impact of early-life environment and genetics on stress responsivity and adaptive capacities in laying hens

Locations:  Utrecht University with secondment locations at Open University of Israel & Noldus Information Technology 

Maëva received her BSc in Biology of Organisms from Rennes 1 University, France, in 2015. After her 1st year of MSc in Ethology, she enrolled in her university’s gap year program where she studied wild vervet monkey’s vocalisations in South Africa under the supervision of Dr Erica van de Waal from Zurich University, Switzerland, before joining Leiden University, Netherlands, to investigate multimodal communication and song integration in zebra finches, supervised by Dr Katharina Riebel. She returned to that team for her final MSc thesis about the importance of multimodal song tutoring in the development of female mate choice and male song in zebra finches, and obtained her MSc’s degree in Ethology from Paris 13 University, France, in 2018. She has just started her doctoral research in the field of animal welfare, under the supervision of Prof. Bas Rodenburg, specifically investigating the impact of early-life environment and genetics on chicken stress.