Early Stage Researchers (ESRs)

Lucille Dumontier (ESR 11)

Project 11: Effects of Early Life Experience on Spatial Cognition, Neurogenesis and Neurohormonal Responses to Stress 

Locations: Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) with secondments at Newcastle University and The Lakes Free Range Egg Co.

Lucille Dumontier received her BSc in Biology and Ecology from the Paris-Sud University, France in 2016. Following her strong interest in studying animal behaviour, she joined the MSc in Ethology of the Paris 13 University, France. During her first year, she investigated the importance of social cues in the detection of a foreign nest in the terrestrial bumblebee (Bombus terrestris). She then pursued with the second year of her MSc, choosing the research course. She graduated in 2018, defending her thesis on the age-dependant reproductive performances of female European rabbits, using a modelling approach (agent-based model). Lucille started her doctoral research on the effects of early-life experience on spatial cognition, neurogenesis and neurohormonal response to stress in laying hens.