Early Stage Researchers (ESRs)

Emiliano Videla (ESR 4)

Project 4: Bioinformatic analyses of stress-related genetic data in chickens

Locations: University of St. Andrews with secondment locations at Linköping University & Hendrix Genetics

My name is Emiliano Ariel Videla Rodriguez. I studied biological sciences at the National University of Córdoba, in Argentina. In order to get my degree as a Biologist, I developed a thesis project aimed at evaluating the dynamics of immunoendocrine and biochemical responses during and after the exposure to a chronic heat stress protocol. This study was assessed in a laboratory animal model for poultry species, the quail. After I got my degree as a Biologist, I started working in the Institute of Biological and Technological Researches, in Córdoba, Argentina, as a doctoral fellow. During this time, I was investigating the effects of environmental factors associated to the poultry production, such as the exposure to high temperatures, dietary supplements and inoculums of Salmonella, on the innate and acquired immune responses of quail. Now, I will be working with V Anne Smith and John Mitchell analysing the data associated with genetics, epigenetics, and brain transcriptomes from the ancestral jungle fowl and the domesticated chicken in order to reveal gene networks related to stress responsivity.