Early Stage Researchers (ESRs)

Alessandra Pross (ESR 1)

  • Host: Institut de Recerca Biomedica de Lleida with PhD registration at Universitat de Lleida
  • Email:

Project Title:  Development of the connections of different neuron subpopulations of the central amygdala

Hosts: Institut de Recerca Biomedica de Lleida with secondment locations at Newcastle University and Hendrix Genetics 

Alessandra Pross received her BSc in Biotechnology from the University of Ferrara, Italia in 2006. After working in the field of health care for several years with people having different types of cognitive and behavioural disabilities, she opted to purse her career in the field of Neuroscience. She received her MA in Molecular and Medical Biotechnology from the University of Verona, Italia in 2019 and underwent an internship in the University of Trento in the Centre for Mind/Brain Science (CiMeC), under the supervision of Dr. Paola Sgadò and Prof. Marina Bentivoglio. Her M.Sc. thesis focused on the study of social predisposition in a new animal model of autism spectrum disorder in domestic chicks. In particular, she had the opportunity to apply the neuroanatomical and molecular knowledge on the study of behaviour, acquiring new abilities also in the behavioural neuroscience field.