The chosen ESRs!

Welcome to our ESRs, Maëva Manet, Ismalia Bouba, Alessandra Pross, Vivian Witjes, Klara Grethen, Endre Putyora, Karina Santiago Gonzalez, Michael Plante-Ajah, ESR 5, Emiliano Videla Rodriguez, Alex Johny, Evgenii Liubishki, Alex Roman Cabrera and Lucille Dumontierwho have  started their PhD projects. Since starting they have all been very busy including Endre, Maëva, Ismalia, Klara,  Alessandra, Emiliano, Karina, Michael and Alex J.  Please read their project updates.  

('Chick' supplied by Herman Pijpers, Creative Commons license CC-BY-SA 2.0)


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